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ANI and I-TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A new initiative by GULF Engineering. The name of this app is "Ani".

This app is specially designed for safe travel of school and college students and helps the school, college and government to monitor the operation of buses.

It can be used by four types of users: students, parents, educational institutions, and government.

Features :

The camera on the bus will confirm where the vehicle is, where it is operating, the speed of the vehicle, the route of travel, how many people are traveling, whether the journey is going as planned and whether the students are safe inside the bus.

In this, students can plan a suitable journey by knowing the time and proximity of the bus to their stop before going from home to school. As soon as the students board the bus, an SMS will be sent to the parents and the educational institution to the registered parent phone number confirming the time and place of the student boarding the bus. Parents can keep track of what's going on within the public realm of their child's journey. Similarly, once the student lands, an SMS alert will be sent to the parents about the place and time of landing.

Parents can easily monitor their children's journey through camera, his journey, the route of the carriage etc.

The superintendent of the educational institution can always ensure that all the buses of his institution are speeding, operating, routed, stopping properly, and the interior and exterior of the bus is in good order. Also, if the route changes or if the bus stops outside the specified place, an ALERT message will be sent. The details of the students traveling in the bus at the specified time are also known. The camera view of the bus will automatically come to the monitor's attention when traveling with less than three children.

Government education authorities can monitor details of bus journeys, student journey details, route, speed and student safety of all educational institutions of the state.


Ensuring safe travel of students, information about travel time, vehicle route monitoring, speed monitoring, children getting on and off the bus before parents know 100% safety of our student assets.

We will ensure a safe journey for students.

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