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Wild Life Repellent

The conventional devices for repelling, pest birds and wild animals, as described above, are provided for a single purpose only, and thus are limited in use.The conventional wild animal repelling devices using laser should be configured with a laser beaming device that itself emits a laser beam, and it thus works well for pest repelling. However, the laser-repelling devices overburden farm holders with installation/maintenance costs.

The present invention has been made to address the above issues, and an object of the present invention is to provide a device for repelling wild animals and pest birds using a laser that is configured to have a rotational body, rotated by the drive of a motor, installed on a support at a predetermined height, and modules for producing laser installed in the rotational body, so as to emit laser in all directions as the motor drives, wherein the device may be installed and used regardless of time or place, e.g. in a farmland, orchard, fish farm, grain silo, highway, or airport, effectively repelling or deterring pest birds or other wild animals.

Another object of the present invention is to enable the height and angle at which the laser is emitted to be adjusted, so as to vary the range of the laser beaming depending on the type of wild animals or pest birds for diversified applications.

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